If you are experiencing difficulty seeing, or if you are having a problem with one or both of your eyes, obtaining treatment to correct vision or heal an eye condition is necessary. Contact Wardell Vision Center in Billings to make an appointment with one of our optometrists for assistance. Here is what you can expect during eye exams to help you prepare for your session with our practitioner.

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Questions Pertaining to Your Eyes Are Asked

Our practitioner will first ask you questions about your vision and overall eye health upon your arrival at our facility. If you have any documentation about previous optical appointments, bring it with you to show our optometrist. Your medical health will also be discussed to determine whether any eye troubles you are suffering from are possibly the result of another condition.

Eye Health is Evaluated Using Equipment and Observation

Our optometrist will conduct a detailed eye exam to check on your eye health in full. This is usually done with eye drops, vision screening, and physical observation. Procedures are noninvasive and will allow us to check on the composition of each of your eyes closely to determine whether there is a disease or medical condition present. Our optometrist will then offer recommendations regarding a treatment plan.

Your Vision Will Be Checked

In addition to dealing with medical difficulties, our optometrist is available to conduct a vision exam. If you require corrective lenses, our staff members are able to help you with the selection process, ensuring you look and feel your best with the decision you make. Vision is checked using eye charts and corrective lens plates.

Visit Our Optometrist for a Vision Exam

Contact Wardell Vision Center in Billings if you require medical eye exams or a vision exam. Call our practice today at (406) 281-8480.