Eye allergies are uncomfortable and can make you miserable with the water dripping from your eyes and the itching. It can also affect your vision in negative ways. At Wardell Vision Center in Billings, MT., we are in the optometry business to help you have the best vision possible. Allergies are a common ailment, and there is no magical cure. There are things you can do to help, and we can offer some suggestions to help you be more comfortable.

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What Are Eye Allergies?

An allergy happens when your body overreacts to something in the environment. Eye allergy symptoms include itching and watering eyes. Redness in the white area of the eye or the inner eyelid is also a symptom.  Blurred vision, a burning sensation, sensitivity to light, or a burning feeling in your eyes are also things that can happen when you have eye allergies.

Overnight, you may develop a crusty type material around your eyes. Eye allergies can also happen when you have eczema or a nasal allergy. Sometimes washing your eyes with water will fix the problem, but when it doesn’t you need to see a doctor of optometry to get medical help to ease the discomfort.

How To React To Allergies

The natural tendency is to rub your eyes when they itch, but that causes your body to release even more of the chemicals that are causing the eye allergy. Avoid rubbing your eyes. Take your contacts out because that too can be an irritant. Use eye drops that have no preservatives to give some comfort in the short term. Don’t use heavy makeup and avoid touching your eyes as much as possible. You may rinse your eyes with water or use cool compresses to get some relief.

Watch For Allergy Triggers

When you have an allergy, there is something causing the reaction that causes the symptoms. Notice where your allergies are worse. Sometimes being outdoors is worse because of pollen and other impurities in the air. If that is the case avoid the outdoors when allergies flare up. Keep your car windows closed, as well as windows and doors in your home. Indoor triggers include dust mites, pet dander, and mold. Try to avoid these, and wash your hands often, which will keep the allergies down to some degree. If dust seems to be a trigger, wash your bedsheets and pillowcases often.

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