If you need emergency eye care services, we are here to help. No matter what the issue is, if you are experiencing an emergency in relation to your eye and/or vision, you should be seen by a professional immediately. If you need a Billings optometrist, the following is an overview of the services we offer at the Wardell Vision Center, to those who are in need of emergency optometry services.

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Emergency Eye Care

If you are experiencing an eye emergency, we offer treatment for the following issues:

  • Chemical Eye Injury: If your eyes have been exposed to a harmful chemical, you need to seek professional treatment. Once you have completely rinsed the chemical from your hands, you need to flush your eyes with water for 15 minutes. From there, you need to be seen by a professional immediately.
  • Small Objects in the Eye: If you have a small object in your eye, you should first try to blink it out. Do not try to remove it with your hands as this can cause further damage. If this does not work, you should then wash your hands, hold your eye open, and see if you can locate the object. If this is also ineffective, you may try to flush your eye with artificial tears or water. If none of these methods work, you need to be seen by an optometry professional immediately.
  • Large Objects in the Eye: If you have a large object stuck in your eye metal, glass or other objects, do not attempt to remove the object on your own. Seek emergency care immediately.
  • Cuts and Scratches: If you have cuts or scratches on your eye, you will need to be seen by an optometrist immediately.
  • Black Eyes: If you are suffering from a black eye, you need to have your eyes checked immediately. You may require emergency intervention to prevent issues with your eyes or vision in the future.

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Overall, if you have an eye care emergency, you need to be seen by a professional immediately. No matter what caused your injury, you need to make sure that the problem has been properly treated to ensure that you do not sustain long-term eye or vision issues. Either way, if you need a Billings optometrist, Wardell Vision Center is an excellent option. Call, email, or stop by our office today to find out how we can help save your vision and prevent major injuries.