If you’ve recently had an eye exam at Wardell Vision Center in Billings, you may have found out that you need bifocal lenses. This means that your eye doctor has identified an issue with your vision that is causing you to be unable to see clearly, and he knows that these glasses will help you. There is a variety of reasons why a person may need bifocals. Today, we’re discussing three of the most common reasons we see.

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1. Presbyopia

As we age, it’s normal for our vision to start to deteriorate. If you’re around the age of 40, you may have started to notice that it’s getting harder to see objects up close or to read small print like instruction manuals or medicine bottles. If you find yourself holding the restaurant menu out further from your sight, requiring more light to read with than you used to, or having trouble focusing when you look at something far away and then something close to you, you may have developed presbyopia. This is very common and a new pair of eyeglasses is all you’ll need to feel normal again.

2. Accommodative Dysfunction

Sometimes, even children need bifocal lenses. It is possible for children to develop eyesight problems that require stronger corrective lenses than the average prescription. These conditions are often identified when a child has trouble reading in school and maintaining focus on objects when transitioning from distance vision to near, such as during gym time or on the playground. If your child is easily fatigued by reading or focusing on moving objects, you may wish to visit the eye doctor for a pediatric eye exam.

3. Accommodative Esotropia

If your child has had a pediatric eye exam and is found to be extremely farsighted, they may have developed a condition called accommodative esotropia. This is a common type of strabismus that results from one of the eyes straining to compensate for the farsighted eye. It can appear that your child has a crossed eye when they try to focus on reading or seeing things at a distance. Getting your child set up with eyeglasses that have bifocal lenses can completely eliminate the problem.

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